The FaceSec smart locker solution consists of FaceSec smart terminal products, smart lockers, FaceOS, and FaceCloud. It aims to provide a storage solution for government bureaus, corporate offices, factories, supermarkets and other scenarios. It allows a combination of self-deposit and self-withdrawal, self-deposit and withdrawal by someone else, application approval, and item distribution or unified storage of one or more people in and out of a warehouse. 
Application modes 
  • Item distribution mode
  • Two party storage mode
  • Self-storage mode
Retrieve item, close locker door
Core value embodiment 
Improve work efficiency

Through the smart locker, the convenience of item access is greatly increased, the exchange process between items is shortened, and the work efficiency is improved. 
Dependable security

Through fingerprint / credit card / face recognition / mobile phone APP multi-identity authentication and identification technology, the security of the use of smart lockers is guaranteed, compared to the traditional key lockers, which is cumbersome and not secure. 
Access visibility

Through the FaceSec smart storage locker solution, you can clearly view the storage types in each smart locker, and the access records of the access cabinet, which provides convenience for tracing the source. 
Cross-platform docking 

The FaceSec smart locker solution supports the seamless connection of third-party systems to achieve efficient collaboration between systems. Open API and SDK, OSDL development kits can quickly complete the secondary development work.