FaceSec biometric devices have powerful capabilities in the field of enterprise access control security. Smart terminals equipped with dual live detection algorithms greatly improve the security of face recognition through access control. In addition to the traditional Wiegand, RS485, dry contact and other interfaces, FaceSec also supports new access control verification methods such as QR Code and Bluetooth, with extremely powerful expansion capabilities. 
Support global mainstream access control security system 
Seamlessly connect with various access control systems 
API rich capabilities to upgrade traditional security systems 

Through ODSL, SDK, CMP API and WEB API, it can quickly connect with the existing security system, and easily obtain AI functions such as face recognition. 
Multi-mode authentication  

Support face, fingerprint, IC card, QR code, password and Bluetooth for identity verification, support 1:1, 1:N, N:N mixed mode verification, to meet the needs of ID verification in different scenarios. 
Equipped with cloud capability

FaceSec products support working in both local and cloud modes. Through the cloud mode and FaceSec Cloud access control authorization management function, the local security system can be quickly upgraded to a cloud security system. 
Flexible security deployment 

Deploy FaceSec devices flexibly according to different needs and scenarios. Equipment can be expanded or reduced at any time. Flexible deployment is safe and reliable, and there is no need to worry about any impact on the system. 
Multi-scenario and multi-function integrated management platform capabilities, one-stop security service 

Easily meet the needs of various harsh scenarios such as corporate office, business, production, and warehousing. FaceSec cloud will provide comprehensive management functions, enabling enterprises to quickly obtain security capabilities, and provide one-stop service from equipment to installation and software docking.